About Our Company

At Eneevo, we excel at providing the best residential solar solutions for homeowners. We feel the need to approach every action in “doing right by the customer” because we know that our customers are our lifeblood. In a world where the decision to go solar is easy, doing it the right way is not. We commit to presenting the most relevant information so that you are able to make a well educated decision that benefits you most.

Our business runs efficient like the products we sell. By cutting waste, we can provide for you the greatest value possible. Our position in the market enables us to draw from the best financial products and equipment available. For now we are providing services for homeowners in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, California, Utah. New markets coming soon.

If you plan on going solar and choose to work with Eneevo, here’s what you can count on:

-A Swift response to inquiry

-The full story (no BS)

-Value pricing

-Quality install

-Comprehensive follow through