If you haven’t noticed by now, the way we produce energy has evolved. The question is “have you evolved with it?”

The future of solar energy is brighter than ever so you don’t put it off any longer! Now is the best time to start saving money and invest in clean, renewable energy.


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About Our Company

At Eneevo, we excel at providing the best residential solar solutions for homeowners. We feel the need to approach every action in “doing right by the customer” because we know that our customers are our lifeblood. In a world where the decision to go solar is easy, doing it the right way is not. We commit to presenting the most relevant information so that you are able to make a well educated decision that benefits you most.

Our business runs efficient like the products we sell. By cutting waste, we can provide for you the greatest value possible. Our position in the market enables us to draw from the best financial products and equipment available. For now we are providing services for homeowners in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, California, Utah. New markets coming soon.

If you plan on going solar and choose to work with Eneevo, here’s what you can count on:

-A Swift response to inquiry

-The full story (no BS)

-Value pricing

-Quality install

-Comprehensive follow through


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Our Process

Find Out

First, we collect your data. Name, address, contact and utility info will do and that way we can figure out the best solution for your home.


Next, we will share our findings across the table or over the phone. We are all about educating on the right design, financial product, equipment as well as informing on the latest legislation or industry trends.

Home Survey

A home survey is then conducted in order to work out the design details. Occasionally we’ll discover something that may cause us to modify the layout. Don’t worry, you’ll be presented with a revised option for approval.

Permit and Schedule

We then have the necessary permits pulled for install and notify you once received. At this point we will schedule in the big day.

Install and Track

Once installed, you will have access to a solar PV production interface in order to monitor your systems output.


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Common Questions

Should I wait for the technology to improve before making the switch?

This might be the biggest question of all. We all know that technology in general is constantly advancing. Solar PV started developing as early as the 1950’s and will continue forward. Sure the tech will get better, which means increased output efficiency, which means smaller panels. But according to experts, not by much. So, deciding to go solar today is all about cost efficiency. If you have the roof space to get the system production needed you are good to go because prices are low and the incentives are high. Don’t forget the value of savings over time.

Do you really think this system will still work in 20 years?

In fact, when we pair you with the right product and financial partner, they will guarantee that your system will still be working efficiently over the next 20 years. And in the unlikely event that something does go wrong, our install partners will fix or replace it, most of the time at no cost to you.

Are you the best deal in town?

When it comes to value, yes. Getting the best deal doesn’t mean the lowest price. In order to create long term value, you will need to have reliable equipment, great warranties and a gaurantee on production. We will make sure you have the best overall package for the long term.


If I can’t replace all of my grid power with solar, why do it?

Depending on how your local utility companies interconnection agreement and pricing, you might actually get a higher return on investment by only replacing a portion of your grid power. You heard me right! A bigger system isn’t always better and for many people, savings are the most important factor in making the switch. It’s our job to help you make sure you are getting the savings you deserve.

How long does the install take?

Once you sign on the dotted line, we have partners who work quickly to get the necessary permits from the city. They will schedule an install date within days of receiving it. Permitting time and process varies from city to city. Usually we are able to complete the installation of your home solar panels in one day.

What happens at night or when its cloudy?

This is why we keep you connected to the grid! On most days your system will produce more power than you use, so this excess power will be pumped into the grid and you’ll get credits for it. So when little or no solar power is being generated, like at night or when it’s really cloudy, your utility company will kick in.

Do I need batteries?

Solar PV plugs right into the power grid so you can participate in net metering with your local utility. Batteries serve as a great solution for power outages or for folks that are not connected to the power grid.

How much does a solar PV system cost?

Cost varies based off of the size of a system and any upgrades that might need to be made in order to complete the install. After government credits and/or rebates our customers are usually able to save money from day one.

What if the solar system produces more energy than I need?

We design the system to cover up to %100 of your homes needs, based on your usage history . You can expect the system to overproduce during the day, especially in the summer months and you will accumulate a credit. Then at night when no power is being generated, the credit is spent powering your home.

How old can my roof be to go solar?

This issue ends up being more a question of structure than age. We will send a certified home surveyor to meet you. They will assess your home and suggest modifications to make it ‘solar ready’ (when necessary).

Where do the panels go?

The panels are positioned for energy optimization which means they will be on the part of the roof that gets the most sun. That said, when the design is done, we’ll give you rendering of your roof with planned solar panel placement.

If I could install this myself and save a ton of money, so why do I need you?

There are people who do it all themselves. They pay for it, plan it, get the proper permits, install it, interconnect it with the grid along with a net meter in cooperation with their power company. If it breaks or under performs, they’re back on the roof. In most cases, folks will start down that road to find out that the process is complex and time consuming. We’ll be here ready to help if thats the case.

What happens if we sell our home?

You leave and the system stays. Solar power provides a quantifiable value to the new home buyer and that is why solar is one of the best home improvement projects you can do. Make sure your realtor is able to illustrate the value of solar to any potential home buyer. Either way, we are here to educate and help when we can.


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